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To our site members, visitors and users of our SBM Soap Calculators and Recipe resizers:

(Updated 12/2015)
My long-time health situation had been slowly deteriorating for years, though forestalled by my participation in an experimental drug program some years ago (Eli Lilly drugs - Subject drug was "Dulaglutide" and now available under the name "
Trulicity"). Unfortunately, some time after that trial ended, my health again took a slow downward spiral for other reasons (Recently finally diagnosed as an auto-immune condition, "poly-malgia rheumatica" - a fancy name for "many pains due to inflammation", an apparant after-effect of a Legionairre's Disease infection I unfortunatel had about 15 years ago ). The upshot is that we had to curtail retail activity here at SBM some time ago due to the increasing load I was putting on our family.

My current status is permanent disability and my ability to keep things up is intermittently totally curtailed.
Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you :)

We are not presently offering any items   for sale.
This may change at some more appropriate time in the future, but would have to be without my direct involvement.

Although I can't do much physicall, I have been continuing to work on a new website a bit at a time,, where I intend to eventually also host the SBM Calculators and Recipe Resizers to doubly insure against site failures due to inevitable changes in the programs used at and at our hosting services. is in slow-construction status at present. It will be a place where visitors can start or join in discussions on their crafts or hobbies, whatever they may be, can maintain personal blogs and even submit "how-to" or other articles on craft & hobby topics. It has built-in facilities for anyone to add content of their own and encouragement to do so. Ever want to help build a website? Here's a place where you will be able to do just that. Please consider contributing there.

In the meantime, please bear with me. There will be some changes of necessity over the next months to SBM to bring it up to date and keep its technical functionings current and I am slowly re-constructing in similar manner. I've also had an aeroponic gardening project (to move my home garden indoors) slowly progressing with descriptions and details at SBMCrafters,also. Check it out!  It's all a way to keep myself busy a bit at a time as I am able :)

-Steve Mushynsky