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About SBM Handcrafted Soaps

What's different about
Summer Bee Meadow Handcrafted Soaps?

We use a complex formula carefully crafted for great lather, cleansing and mildness. Summer Bee Meadow premium handcrafted soaps contain saponified oils of coconut, olive, palm, canola, castor and cottonseed, along with glycerin and cocoa butter as emollients and beeswax as an emulsifier.

Available in up to two dozen great scents or in unscented mild varieties, our soap bars are approximately 3.75 ounces each and are attractively wrapped in a protective shrink wrap sleeve for your protection.

We use only the best quality all-vegetable oils and fragrances in our handcrafted soaps.

Compare the carefully formulated mix of oils used in making our premium soaps with the ingredients in other homemade soaps: Some are as simple as supermarket shortening with cocoa butter added! Don't be fooled.... Exceptional soapmaking requires careful thought and formulation, not just fancy descriptions.

Our premium quality soaps contain no shortening, detergents or animal fats and are carefully handcrafted one batch at a time.

How is handcrafted soap made?

Oils used in soapmaking are composed of various different fatty acids along with other components that contribute unique qualities when used to make soap.

Simpler soaps using two or three base oils can be limited in their balance of desirable qualities: They may be excellently emollient but lather and cleanse less well, or they may clean very well but leave the skin dry and unprotected.

We use a carefully formulated mix of six vegetable oils plus cocoa butter and beeswax to arrive at the best combination of qualities in our handcrafted soaps.

Sodium hydroxide (lye) is carefully added to oils in exact measure in a chemical reaction process known as "saponification". The proportion of lye to oils is critical to ensure that no lye is left at the end of the process and that the base oils and their constituent fatty acids are converted to soap as designed, creating beneficial glycerin in the process. Additionally, a small amount of oils are left in the newly made soap in order to add their beneficial qualities to the resulting product as well. This is referred to as "superfatting" the soap.

Why use handcrafted soaps?
This is great soap!
Meant to be used and enjoyed!

You'll find that our soaps lather and clean amazingly well when compared to store-bought or other handcrafted soaps. And yet they remain kind to your skin, containing glycerin, cocoa butter and palm christie oils to moisturize and protect.

Additionally, we add the very best quality fragrance oils to many of our soaps to make taking a shower or washing your hands a refreshing, pleasant scent experience. We want you to enjoy using our soaps!

Of course, unscented and all-natural soaps are available as well. Find what you want and need among our selection of fine soaps.

Handcrafting means having the ability to maximize the very best qualities of our products so that you can fully enjoy your new soaps. Wouldn't you rather know that this much thought and concern goes into the soap that you choose to use on your skin?

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Summer Bee Meadow
Baldwinsville, NY